Me, Myself and Mommy

I have to say by starting this challenge yesterday, I definitely smiled more.

We had lots of little moments that I actually slowed down to notice. Most of which I didn’t have my camera around for.

We danced around the living room while listening to silly kids songs. And we laughed the whole time.

I tried to enjoy those extra cuddles from my over tired almost three year old as she was trying NOT to stay in bed. Even with my patience very thin from the long day before, I had this blog and challenge on my mind, so I was reminded to slow down and enjoy. It wont be long before she doesn’t need those extra cuddles to help calm her tired little body.

The kids and I sat down yesterday and watch their silly snapchat videos on my phone. We laughed and laughed, like we usually do. (Pretty sure Snapchat creators are making those silly filters to entertain us with our silly kids.)


What I was able to capture with my camera was a kinda quiet/ kinda silly moment on the back patio enjoying a special treat.


Look, I am no perfect mom and my kids probably eat way to much junk. Including ice cream. But, its usually vanilla ice cream that I put on one of those cheap cones. A (mini) drumstick with all that yummy chocolate?! A real treat.


I mean look at those cute little faces! They have happiness written all over them.

Giving the kids a special treat (and eating one myself) is such a little thing, yet makes them (and me) so happy.

I am truly looking forward to capturing another little thing to write about tomorrow and sharing with all of YOU!

It really is all about the little things.

Find YOUR little thing today, capture it and share it with me!

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