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Yesterday was day two of my little things challenge and it was a difficult day.

I was distracted and anxious all day. I was preparing myself for my appointments that were today. (More about that on a different blog post, coming soon.)

It really wasn’t until the end of the day when I was able to slow down and notice all the little things that were around me.

Like the pride on my four year old’s face after he ate a really good dinner.

Or when I sat down by myself with an ice cream bar to watch Big Brother. (Huge fan, by the way!)

S. Cassidy

After dinner the kids were full of energy and asking me to set up their little blow up pool. I didn’t have the energy to clean and set it up, so after many tears were shed I finally convinced them to run in their little sprinkler.


Cj always has a blast running through the water, but the mud puddles it creates are always the best part.


 Sissy, on the other hand, is not a big fan of running in the sprinklers. She has to be in the right mood.

She did have few laughs jumping in the puddles, but the fun really began when she sat down. She sat there and played for almost 45 minutes and was very upset when I made her come in to take a bath. (The aftermath is below. Front and back. Those panties were white.)

S. Cassidy(1)

Obviously, watching my babies laugh and play and get dirty was a little thing that I slowed down to enjoy. But, the little thing I enjoyed the most was sitting at my computer and enjoying the pictures I took.

I have always enjoyed being able to take and edit beautiful pictures. I am very blessed with a pretty good camera and photographer daddy as an inspiration. This blog is giving me reasons to pick up that camera and enjoy using it again.

Once again its those little things that turn into big things.

Here are my two favorite pictures of the 200 I took yesterday.


Pure joy and happiness on his face. My sweet sweet boy.


My silly girl enjoying the little things.

Today has already been a tad rough, but I look forward to writing about and sharing with you all the little things I slowed down to enjoy.

Because, it really is all about the little things.

Find YOUR little thing today, capture it and share it with me!

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