Taken Care of me


Okay…So I am going to be honest with you all. I have completely let myself go.

I know that as mom’s, especially stay at home mom’s, we tend to put ourselves and our needs on the back burner. We are so worried about the kids, our home, all the chores,  our relationships, etc. Taking care of ourselves tend to be at the bottom of the to do list.

I think it’s a bit more than that for me though.


It stole all my motivation. All. Of. It.

Not just my motivation to get up off of the couch. But my motivation for everything.

Well, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. It’s time to start taking care of me.

It’s time to start taking care of my body. Eating better. Taking better care of my skin. Exercising.

And drinking MORE water!!

I mean I drink water throughout the day, but not enough. Some days I wont even have a sip of water until dinner time. (Yikes! Seeing that typed out…)

This week that is going to be my focus. Before I have my first only cup of coffee in the morning I am going to fill up my cute (and pink) tumbler with ice and water. I have to drink at least half of it before I can make my coffee.

I have a lot of hard work ahead of me if I want to be in a much better place mentally and physically. But, I know that if I put to much on my plate all at once, I wont succeed.

It really is all about baby steps.

So for now, I am starting my focus on drinking more water. And a few other things, but I will talk about them next week. As I am going to do this every week!

If you are trying to focus more on yourself or have any tips leave a comment! I’d love to connect with other mommy’s that are going through something similar.

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the little things.


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16 thoughts on “Takin Care of Me Monday”

  1. Hey girl, I love that your blogging!!! And I understand being in a funk, baby steps are the key, stay positive and envision your best world. Your such an amazing woman and mom I know you can find the beauty in life’s little synchronicities.
    Much Love

  2. I totally get the water thing!!! In fact, I’ve recently started requiring myself to fill my coffee mug with water first and drink it before I allow myself the coffee. Yes, I NEED the coffee, but water is so important, especially in this heat!

  3. I so look forward to reading your blogs! I totally relate to your same hurdles. Being a stay at home mom AND a wife is a lot harder then a lot of people realize and talk about and I think depression is present in a lot more of these situations then everyone thinks. I’ve also struggled on and off with depression since I had postpartum with Brooklyn almost 8 years ago. My depression starts to get the best of me when I haven’t got out of the house in awhile or put any effort towards myself. I started making myself do my hair and makeup at least one day a week and now try to keep it at least around 2 or 3 times a week. Just that small step has really helped me feel more confident and less blah about myself 😊 But that doesn’t even cover the wife part! I try so hard to separate the “mom” Heather and the “wife” Heather, but man that’s hard sometimes. Especially after a rough day with the kids and you just want some adult or even alone time but bedtime is still a couple hours away and by the time they’re asleep, so is my husband lol. And boy do I feel you on water. Too bad the water in coffee doesn’t count! Hahaha

    1. Heather! Thank you so much for sharing with me! I think you are so right when you say depression in mom’s is more common than we think. I am sure most mom’s, stay at home or working, deal with it at least once. I have started getting myself “ready” in the mornings. Even if I just wash my face and brush my hair. Makes a big difference!!

  4. As a mom of 5 I completely understand where you are coming from. Being a full time mommy kinda has a way of making you lose yourself. Having gone through tons of “funks” I guess you could call them. I think it’s great that you’re acknowledging what’s wrong and taking small steps to get yourself where you want to be. As mom’s we’re all apart of a club, even if we don’t know it. It’s our job to motivate and support each other because whether we realize it or not we all have SOOO much in common.

  5. I know it can be hard. One thing I did was get a step counter, so I could make sure I got a decent amount of moderate physical activity. I think drinking water is a great first step. Visiting from weekend blog share 🙂

  6. It is about baby steps and you are definitely moving in the right direction! It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when looking after little ones. You definitely do need to put yourself first – it’s better for the ones you look after as well as for you. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. I hope you are feeling MUCH better with the steps you are taking. Keep up the good work. Tweeting your post as I know it will help others too!

  7. This is an excellent post. So many people think about making changes and rush into them all, try to do everything, fail and end up feeling worse than before they started to try and feel better. Drinking more water should help in so many ways – a clear head, energy, digestion and so might help feel less sluggish and so many more that I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. I need to do this myself. I got a great water bottle that has hours of the day marked on it and you have to refill it and empty it twice in a day but it reminds you that you are not drinking enough.
    Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare. I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to read and comment! Hannah

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