Let’s face the facts: There is no such thing as a perfect mom.

I believe as mom’s, we are all on a secret mission to make the people around us believe we have it all figured out.

But none of us do.

We post pictures and videos of our kids playing quietly, or engaged in a pinterest worthy craft or activity. We post brag post’s how our kid has finally slept through the night or they learned to read by age 5. We post about all these picture perfect moments.

That’s the joy of the internet and social media. We can post what ever we want. Paint a picture of perfection.

I am even a little guilty of this.

I’ve had friends say things to me like “I look up to you. You seem so patient doing crafts and such with the kids.” or “I wish I could be more like you as a mom.”

While all of that is nice to hear sometimes, its all so far from reality.

My kids are everything to me and every day I try to be a better mom than I was the day before. I make sure they are clean, fed and very loved.

But, truth is I really am not all that good of a mom.

I really don’t have much patience. I yell way to much. My kids have way to much screen time. They eat way to much junk. Sometimes they don’t brush their teeth. I really don’t engage with them like I feel I should. I give in way to much, just so I can get five minutes alone. My almost five year old still gets in bed with me every night. My almost three year old still gets a sippy cup with milk in her bed at night. She also still wears diapers a lot. They could really play outside more.

The list could go on and on.

I also know that as mom’s, we tend to be way to hard on ourselves.

Its okay that we aren’t perfect mothers!

Its okay that our kids stay in the same pj’s for three days straight during summer.

Its okay if you lost your patience and yelled at them.

Its okay if they have cookies and milk for breakfast sometimes.

Its okay if they sometimes play on their tablet for over an hour so you can get the house clean.

Its okay if they don’t know how to read by the time they are 5.

Its okay if you don’t do pinterest crafts with them.

Its okay if you need to spend time away from your kids.

Its all okay.

It’s even okay to not feel guilty about not being a “perfect mom.”

When your kids are grown they aren’t going to remember all those things. They are going to remember all the good memories,  all the laughs and all the LOVE!

So mom’s, stop stressing about all the bad mom stuff, let go of the “mom guilt’ and focus on all the love.

And the little things.

None of us are perfect parents, so lets stop pretending. If we all just shared a little more of the truth about how hard being a mom is, maybe a lot of us would stop feeling “mom guilt.” We would stop feeling like we have to pretend in order to fit societies idea of a “perfect mom.”

Got any mommy confessions you’d like to share? Leave a comment! I would really enjoy connecting with other not so perfect moms!

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20 thoughts on “The Real: Mommy Confessions.”

  1. I love this!! I am also guilty of all of the above. My 3yr old had a bottle so long she got rotten teeth and had to be put under for dental work. I relate on most of your posts and love that you’re doing this! Keep it up ❤

  2. Just how did you get to be so smart????????
    You’re personal insight is amazing. You GO girl…………….<3

  3. Your post is so true! Whenever I am feeling like I’m not so great a mom I stay off social media so that I don’t feel even worse! I’m chronically ill and there are many things I cannot do with my child but he still always says I’m the best mom in the world. I think we are all trying too hard. Our children don’t expect much from us except the usual care, attention and love. Stopping by from the weekend blog share.

  4. I have to confess that I cut corners too as a mum – sometimes you just have to, to remain sane. I figure I love and care for my kids, I feed them, I soothe them, clothe them and teach them – I’m doing alright, even if I’m not perfect. BTW I run a confession linkup on a Monday called I Must Confess – you are welcome to link this up if you want to join in x

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