My Kids Birthday's are a Big Deal(4)

October 24, 2011 was the day my life changed in the very best way possible. It was the day my first child was born. It was the day I became a mom.

Two weeks shy of two years later, on October 10, 2013, my daughter was born and completed our family.

Those two days were the best, scariest and proudest days of my entire life. And they should be celebrated!!

My kids birthdays are important because it was the day were born, but for me as their mom its much more than that.

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For my sons first birthday I went way over the top. I started months in advanced and planned everything with the smallest details in mind. I hand made the cutest candy corn invitations with his cute one year picture I took in the back yard. The theme was pumpkins and candy corn and a costume party. There was so much food, a huge candy buffet, very cute tables with adorable pumpkin decorations. I even made rice krispie treat pumpkins! All the kids went home with a pumpkin candy bucket filled with coloring books, crayons, other toys and of course candy from the buffet. We invited 40+ people and a lot of them showed up. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time!

Will he remember any of it? Of course not! But I will! And so will his daddy and the rest of the family! That party, and really the rest of them, were for me and his daddy. We survived the first year as parents! Every birthday after that was another year we survived as parents. And that is certainly something to celebrate.

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When Savanna turned one and Cj turned three, it was a big deal! We had survived our first year as parents of two and we were proud. My parents were planning a trip down in October that year so we planned around when they would be here. That year they had a pirate and princess party. I went all out with DIY decorations and themed food. Madrina (their God Mother) came through with adorable cakes, cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies that I cut out and baked for her. We had an adorable photo booth, a few games and a tattoo station. The kids got to take home little treasure chest’s that they filled up with the treasure that came out of the treasure chest pinata.

You see the pattern here?

Every year we make a big deal, because their birthdays are a big deal.

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Last year we had a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party at the house. Lots of adorable decorations, a big jump house, games and I hand made a pinata. And the cupcakes were simply amazing! I actually want to write an entire post about that party, it was my favorite party I have ever planned.


Since my daughter was born they have had joint parties, so we make sure their individual birthday’s are special. First mommy and daddy take them to do something special, usually for my sons (a week before Halloween) we go to the pumpkin patch. In the evening our immediate family comes over and we eat cake and open presents.

My kids are my everything. The mere fact that God created these little people and blessed me with the joy of being their mommy, is reason enough to celebrate their day of birth.

Being a parent is such hard work. It is every day of your life. You’re never off. Even when you aren’t with them or they are grown, its still your job to be their parent. On that day that they were born, you were born too. The new you. The you that has really learned the meaning of unconditional love. The you that has to put someone else before yourself.

Every year on that day you are not just celebrating them, you are celebrating all that you do! All the sleepless nights, runny noses you wiped, all the smiles and giggles. All the hard and long days. All the bedtime kisses. All the times you couldn’t do it anymore, yet you still did.

You are celebrating the life you and those little people have created together.

Whats that saying? Go Big or Go Home? Yup, that’s it.

Do you make a big deal out of your kids birthdays? If you do or you don’t, let me know in the comments. And your reasons too!  I’d love to connect and talk with you about it!





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  1. You deserve to celebrate!! Celebrate you, your strength, your children, your husband, your family. You guys did it!! You learn everyday and grow into such a beautiful family unit. And your so crafty girl, your parties always look amazingly themed 🙂 Love Love!! Keep up the blog, it’s so nice to come across, makes me smile. Much love M

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