Like most kids, my kids are constantly asking for something to eat. And like most parents, I was tired of having to stop what I was doing to fix them something to eat every 8.5 seconds. So I created a snack basket.

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(Are your kids always asking for something to eat? Try out a "snack basket" and make your life way easier!

I was browsing pinterest one night and came across a few “life hacks” for parents post’s. One of the hacks was a system for kids packing their own lunches, I thought it was a great idea! Teaching kids to do things for themselves AND making parents life easier!

My kids are not at the lunch packing stage yet, but I thought about how a snack basket could work for us.

(I found some awesome Small Baskets to use for Snack Basket on Amazon, they have some great deals, so that you can make your own.)

The idea is: once a week I spend 30 or so minutes pre packing snack baggies full of the kids favorite snacks instead of fixing them something every time they are so hungry they just might fall over.

And let me tell you, it has been a huge sanity saver!

They both know they have to get approval for what they are picking to snack on, but I’m not having to stop what I am doing to get it for them.

And they feel like big kids! Win, win!

Snack basket for the kids, saves my sanity!

I find the cute character bags at the dollar store. The kids love them, they are the perfect size and easy to open for little fingers. (Here is a good deal from Amazon if you like to shop from home: Ziplock Snack Bags, 90 Count)

I try to switch up what I put in the basket every week, so the kids don’t get bored with what they are eating.

I would also like to say they have access to fresh fruit, veggies and cheese in the fridge. And my kids love their fruit and veggies. I have been very lucky in that sense. My kids will eat veggies anytime of the day and love them all. More than I even do. To paint you a picture, both my kids favorite veggie is broccoli!

I pre-make snacks and set them up for the kids to choose from through out the week! Huge sanity saver!

Mom’s, this has made a huge impact on our daily lives. I strongly suggest using the snack basket system!

Not only are you making your life easier, but your also teaching your kids some independence.

Include the kids in the process of building your snack basket, too! My kids love to help me do anything, and this is no exception!

Do you have any “parent hacks” that you use to make your life easier? I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment!


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7 thoughts on “How a ‘snack basket’ saves my sanity.”

  1. What fab idea!! My kids are forever whining about being hungry and sometimes I’m juggling ten things at once and have to make them wait while I finish what I’m doing. Either that or they just raid the cupboards, leave a god awful mess and eat ten cookies each without me noticing!! Thank you for linking with #momsterslink

    1. Those exact reasons are why I started using the snack basket! It has been such a life saver! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have a three drawer system in my pantry. One drawer is healthy snacks, one not so healthy (but still healthy-ish) and one juice boxes.My boys pick one from each drawer, plus a fruit, veggie and sandwich and their lunch is packed. #momsterslink

  3. Great idea! It’s hard making sure you have lots of healthy snacks when your children are ravenous beasts like mine, but I try my beast and will certainly give this a go! Lol!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up to #AnythingGoes


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