Are your babies growing up to fast like mine? I kinda don't like, but as their mommy I am excited to see them grow.

So…I have always (and will always) refer to my kids has my babies.

But they are both officially kid’s now.

And if I’m being honest here, I kinda don’t like it.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am always excited to watch them grow and learn new things. Watching them grow into the amazing kids that they are now has been the biggest pleasure of my life.

BUT, I miss my baby’s.


The older they get, the more worries I have.

But, I will save all that for another post. This post is going to be all about them.

Savanna turned three on October 10th and Cj turned five on October 24th. I thought this was a good time to share more about them on the blog. Especially since I am gaining new readers every day!


I will start with Savanna.

My curly headed, silly and mess of a little girl.

She is a mess, too. Always dirty! No matter how hard I try to keep her clean, she is always a mess. I am constantly wiping her face and helping her wash her hands. Her clothes have more of her breakfast on them than she actually ate.

Savanna is just always on the move. She doesn’t have time to slow down and worry about the mess on her shirt or her hands. And she’s not supposed to, that’s my job.

This little girl is way to smart for me! It’s a bit scary, actually.

Did I mention how silly she is? And how her favorite thing to call anyone right now, is silly. “Cj is so silly mommy!” I hear 1000x a day right now.

She isn’t a typical girl either.  She would rather play with batman toys and her brothers legos, than with princesses. I tried so hard to make her a princess, but it didn’t happen. And that’s okay, she is who she is.

But, she does love her some barbies. And painting her nails. She has the girly side, but its not always accessible to me.

She wont sit still long enough for me to do her hair, but will sit down and listen to me read her a book. Any book will do, but her favorite right now is ‘Splat the Cat, What Was That?” She look’s just like her daddy, but got her love of books from me. (And her gap in her top front teeth. Sorry kid.)

Savanna is so sweet and silly, but she is so strong willed and stubborn. She has to do everything her way. She fights me on anything I say or tell her to do. Making sure her teeth are clean after she has brushed them are my biggest battles of the day. She thinks she can do anything and everything all on her own. It has been (and will continue to be) my biggest challenge as a parent.

Honestly, the moment the nurses laid her on my chest (after pushing for all of 3 times,) I knew she was going to be my trouble maker.


My sweet girl is a lot to handle, but she brings so much joy into our lives.

She can make you laugh in an instant and will hug you when your down. She will ask you if you are okay, even if your just coughing. She will share her toys with you, but only if you get down on the floor and play with her. (She loves to play with little figurines. Listening to how she makes her toys talk is a huge mood lifter for me.)

The last three years with her as my daughter have been one hell of a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t change any of it.


Cj, my sweet and sensitive little five year old boy.

I think turning 5 is big deal! I mean, isn’t five like official big kid status?

Cj is in his second year of school. Last year he was in pre-k and this year he is in transitional kindergarten. T-K is meant for the kids who are close, but don’t make the birthday cut off for kindergarten, but are to old for preschool.

He has come a LONG way from last year. When preschool started (and up until about half way through the year) he was dealing with major separation anxiety. It broke my heart to hear him cry for me to stay with him, but we made it through. (Thanks to some awesome teachers!) This year, he is amazing! And he has learned so much.

Cj really is just a good kid all around. We have our moments of dishonesty and sneakiness, but all that is so typical for his age.

He is seriously one of the most sensitive kids I have ever been around. And its been tough to deal with as his parents, especially his daddy. But, he is who is and we love him exactly as he is. We have had to work with him on how to express those feelings in better ways, and its still a work in progress, but we are getting there.

Cj is one of those kids that is sociable by nature and all the kids want to be his friend. At drop off at school you will hear “Hi Cj” 20 or so times. All the kids love him and his teachers say he is a good friend to them, even when no one is watching.


My sweet boy is also funny by nature. He doesn’t even mean to be, but will have you laughing so hard your crying. When he was a bit younger, I just thought it was his age. But, as he gets older its a trait that he carries with him.

Cj is a typical boy in this century, loves his video games. He is also into legos and anything that has to do with superheros (well mostly the villains.) His daddy was hoping he would be naturally athletic and be into sports, but that’s not the case for our boy.

Again, he is who is and we love him just as he is.


Thought I would end this post with this adorable picture my niece took of me and my babies at the pumpkin patch last weekend.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my babies!


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8 thoughts on “My Babies are Kids Now”

  1. It’s a hard realization when they are no longer babies. My youngest is three also. Crazy how fast they grow. But I have an 8 and 7 year old also and I really have loved each stage.

    1. They really do grow so fast! As hard as it is, I really do look forward to watching them grow more! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This is just a sweet post… I can reflect on you and my kids. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had my son which he is almost 14 now and giving me several headaches,…lol. I also have a 3 year old that just like your daughter loves to play with cars and dinosaurs and planes, ect. But I was surprise that for this Halloween she wanted to dress-up as a princess.. I was really happy!!!lol

    1. Aww! My daughter wanted to be Mario, but when we went shopping she decided to be a tiger. She was adorable though! Thanks for sharing!

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