First I have to apologize for not posting as often as I was. In fact, I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. Everything is so busy right now with the kids and the Holidays! As I am sure it is for all of you.

Sometimes when I am literally praying for time away from my beautiful babies, I feel a little guilty. But as mother, as soon they are gone I miss them like crazy. Click to read how good it felt to miss my kids and how it made me appreciate them that much more.

I am trying to post at least once a week through the rest of the year. Coming into the new year I want to commit to at least twice a week, but go for three!

I started writing this post while my kids were spending the night at their Uncle and Dee Dee’s. It was the first night they spent away from us in about a year.

(You can learn more about my kids here, they really are pretty cute.)

I was so desperate for that time away, and I didn’t even feel guilty for wanting that space.

Just like I always tell my son, sometimes it is good to miss each other.

But when they were gone, I missed them so incredibly much.

I mean I knew I would miss them, but I didn’t expect to miss them as much as I did.

A little background: we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to someone watching our kids for more than a few hours. You know, like a whole night away.

And it’s not because there aren’t plenty of people who love our kids and are willing to take them overnight. It’s just that they won’t just go anywhere and spend the night, they have to feel comfortable. And so do I.  Most of the people I could fully trust either live far away or a have to much going on in their own lives.

And that is okay, it just doesn’t leave many options for a night away from the kids. Unless we are willing to leave and stay in a hotel or something. Nana is always gracious enough to watch the babes for some time away.

But, lets be real here, we cant usually afford to spend money on a hotel.

So when the opportunity arose for them to go spend the night at my brother in law’s house, I took it. The kids adore their uncle and aunt and have been asking to go spend the night over there. (Not the first time by the way, it had just been a while.)

For a couple days, I was so looking forward to that alone time with my husband. And not having to deal with any mommy duties. Like wiping little booty’s or breaking up any fights.

When we got home from dropping them off, the house was so quiet it was a bit eerie. And by the time it was their usual bedtime I missed them so much I kinda wanted to go pick them up.

In my defense, I didn’t even really spend much time with them all day that day. First thing in the morning they stayed home while Nana and I went to target for some Christmas shopping. When we got back I left for a few hours to help a friend with a family matter. As soon as I was home for that they were all packed and ready to leave. We left about 30 minutes after I walked in the door and dropped them off.

So that much needed and wanted time away from them turned into much more than I asked for.

Whats that saying?

“Be careful what you wish for.”

That time away was so important and needed, though.

Missing someone, even its just for 24 hours, makes you appreciate them so much more.

This is so true when it comes to our kids.

I can get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that I often forget to slow down and enjoy time with them. Missing them the way I did that weekend was a big reality check.

A huge reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things, with them.

Savanna (3) and Cj (5)

When I am having an especially hard day and I am literally praying for time away from them, just to sleep or sit down for more than five minutes, I find myself feeling a little guilty for wanting that space. It’s truly not their fault that I am feeling overwhelmed and I certainly do not want them to feel unwanted or like a burden.

I am going to remind myself in those moments, that its truly good for us to miss each other. I will remind myself the way it felt to hug them after missing them that much and how good it felt to truly appreciate them.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the Holiday season! We certainly are! We have our Christmas tree up and the kids enjoyed picking it out and decorating it. Eva (our Elf on the Shelf) has been up to some fun games. When she’s not on strike. Cj has been a bit of a handful recently and not acting like the good boy he is. I have posted about it on my Instagram account (@memyselfandmommy) and you can follow all of Eva’s shenanigans on my SnapChat (Cassidylvr3)!



The kids with Eva the night we "adopted" and named her. The night she got her magic.
The kids with Eva the night we “adopted” and named her. The night she got her magic.

When the kids are acting up, our elf on the shelf cries all night long. She was so sad she had to report to santa the kids were being naughty. She even has her own Christmas tissue! ( I used a ruberband to hold the hands by her face and stuffed "elf size" tissues in there.)

Do you take time away from the kids? Do you miss them as much as I did? Tell me your stories in the comments! I’d love to connect with you!



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  1. I used t love my kids home during the school holidays and could not understand others longing for school to start again. Now they are grown up and married and I still miss them, I don’t see them enough, they live too far away. Your children are so beautiful, no wonder you miss them.

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