Hello and welcome to week two of Taking Care of Mommy Monday.

This last week has been a long one, yet it went by so fast. And to be honest, I haven’t put much time into me.

Learning to put your self first and taking care of mommy is so hard, especially with busy lives. But, I am learning to recognize when I need to put a little more focuse on me, so that I can be the best mommy possible.

(You can check out last week’s post here. I shared how I use a gelatin and milk mask to clean out my pores and save a ton of money on those expensive pore cleaning strips.)

There has just been so much going on.

Sound pretty familiar right? I’d bet that there are a lot of you mommy’s out there who have used that excuse a time or two.

I will say this, though. I did take a few minutes Saturday morning to pamper myself a bit. Just the usual face mask ritual. But taking that hour to pamper my face was much needed after a long week.

It wasn’t much, but it was something at least.

Oh! I almost forgot! I also spent a little money on making myself a little work space. I mean, it was only $40, but I spent it on something that made me happy for a change.

In order to set the Christmas tree up I had to move somethings out of the living room. (Most of it was my craft and wreath stuff.) After taking down the tree I realized that the corner it was in would be perfect for a little work area for me and my computer. So, of course I checked out Walmart.com and found the perfect little (and cheap) desk that would fit perfectly in the corner.

So now I have my own little corner of the house and I absolutely love it! I also feel a bit more motivated to open the computer and get some work done.

Even though I did have a lot going on this week and I didn’t put as much time into taking care of me as I had planned, at least I am aware of it now.

Six months ago I wasn’t even noticing when my tank was low and I needed to refuel and recharge. I was way to focused on making sure everyone else is happy, that I took the backburner.

Progress is being made, even if it is baby steps.

"I will go anywhere, as long as it is forward." - David Livingston (A great quote about moving forward!)

At least I am moving forward.

I have already decided to put more focus into myself this week and have a great post planned for next week. (Subscribe up top to stay in the loop!)

Please don’t forget mommy’s: In order to be the best mommy possible, we have to put ourselves first.

How have you been focusing more on yourself this week? I would love to connect with you in the comments (or any social media) and I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks.

See you next week!

PS: Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board all about taking care of mommy.

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Mommy Monday: Jan 9, 2017”

  1. A space of my own sounds so nice! I don’t really have a space of my own except a corner of the couch lol. I’ve been practicing some minimalism this week. I was a little skeptical of the idea at first, because I’m a crafter and getting rid of things isn’t so easy. I was attracted to the idea of it because of the less stress aspect. I have to say it has really been helpful. I’ll never do it to an extreme, but I have removed loads of things from my house that were totally unnecessary, and I don’t miss any of it. It’s easier to clean now, and I feel so much better when things are in order. Believe it or not I even had craft supplies I didn’t need or use!
    I also tried the gelatin/milk mask, and you’re right, it was gross but awesome! Definitely a recipe I’ll use again. Thanks!:)

    1. Whitney, I am so sorry I am just seeing this comment (and one more of your.) My comments were being marked as spam, when they weren’t. I believe I have issues all worked out now, though.
      I am in need of an overhaul and get rid of some of our stuff, too. It’s crazy all the stuff we have that we don’t use!
      I have to agree, that mask can be very gross, but oddly rewarding. Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back!

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