I have been a stay at home mom for four years now and I am a big believer in nap time. I don’t just mean for the kid’s, either.

Being a mom is exhausting, especially when you stay home. If you are a stay at home mom, you should be taking naps! Click to read how taking naps saves my sanity and how it could save yours, too.

Taking a nap saves my sanity on those incredibly hard days.

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

I am sure you heard this at least a dozen times when you were pregnant for the first time. I sure did.

And I took those people’s advice and I slept when my babies were asleep. I mean I really didn’t have much of a choice.

Being a stay at home mom is exhausting.

That’s not really a fair statement, though. Being a mom is exhausting.

(Major props to the working mom, I’ve been there. Its really hard!)

But since I have the opportunity to be home with my kids, I tend to take naps with them a few times a week.

Back when my kids were much younger was when I went through my darkest times with depression. I slept whenever I could, taking naps pretty much every day.

Now that I am in a much better place, I take naps simply because I need to.

Please know that I’m not talking about spending half the day sleeping. Or sleeping when my kids are up and running crazy.

Now a days, I take a quick 20 minute nap during their nap/rest time. As of lately they aren’t napping as much, so if I need a quick nap to reset my batteries, we have “rest time.” Which usually means we are all three laying on the couch (sectional) and watching a movie. This will keep them still (and next to me) long enough for me to doze off for 15 or 20 minutes.

I once read some where that a short nap is better to recharge and have enough energy to finish the day feeling less tired.

I am pretty sure I can scientifically prove that with my own napping experiences.

Okay not really, but I can say that as a stay at home mom I have tested this theory, and I believe it to be true.

When I take those quick 15-20 minute naps I wake up feeling a bit more refreshed with a ton more energy.

The cup of coffee I make after my nap, might have something to do with it. We may never know. But that’s besides the point, I wake up feeling like I can take on the rest of the day.

I do have to say that those naps when I first became a stay at home mom, were much more valuable.

In the beginning of your new life as a stay at home mom is a huge adjustment. And you are going to be tired. Not that you weren’t tired when you were working, it is just a whole new kind of tired when you are home with kids all day.

You are not only physically tired, but you become mentally tired, which makes those naps that much more important. It is important to turn of the brain for a little bit to recharge.

Also, don’t you EVER feel guilty for taking a nap!

Yeah, sorry, I kind of yelled that at you. But, I want you to get my point!

If you are tired and need a nap, then take one. The load of laundry and dishes waiting to be washed, can wait a little while longer.

In order to be the mommy your kids need and deserve, you have to take of yourself.

And if taking a nap is what you need, then that my friend is taking care of you.

You should never feel guilty about taking care of yourself, but I will save that for another blog post.

So, if you are a tired stay at home mom than nap on darling. You deserve it.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should be Taking Naps as a Stay at Home Mom”

  1. I completely agree. When my kids got to the point they weren’t going to nap I got scared! But it wasn’t as bad as I thought AND I started “quiet time” which is like your rest time but they have to pick a room and an activity and do that while I nap (but I also don’t need to nap as much since the kids are older, after the 20 min nap quiet time continues so I can get myself together. Quiet time has been the best thing ever for me.

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