Over the last four years or so I have had to figure out ways to be a more productive stay at home mom. Especially during the dark times depression brought.

Over the last four years I have had to find ways to be a more productive stay at home mom, especially during the dark times depression brought. Click to read my tips on how you can become a more productive stay at home mom too!

When dealing with depression you lose so much motivation to get much of anything done. But guess what? Life still keeps on moving along. Things need to get done and kids need to be fed.

Even on those days when you cant find it in you to move off the couch, let alone do any type of house work, things still need to get done.

When in this situation, a momma has to figure out way to peel herself out of bed and handle her business.

I had to figure out ways to motivate me and allow me to become a more productive stay at home mom.

Don’t get me wrong, during my darkest times of depression, a lot of stuff did not get handled. I was not on top of my game, so to speak. But once I started working on myself and pulling myself out of depression, I finally figured out how to get myself going. Ways to boost productivity and get things handled.

You know, like the weeks of laundry that needed to be washed and put away. Or the cobwebs that hadn’t been cleaned in way longer than I’ll ever admit.

I couldn’t just keep these tips to myself, so I am sharing them with you.

1. Get yourself ready for the day!

I’m sure you have heard (or read) this a hundred times, but it’s because it’s true! If you want to be productive than get yourself ready for the day. After all when you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you get more done.

2. Make a to-do list!

Seriously, this is a must. When you have a lot to do and it’s all jumbled around in your head, writing it down will help you sort it all. I’m a writer by nature, so when I write down anything I want to accomplish, I am much more likely to get it done.

3. Set yourself a deadline!

Set a time in the day to have your chores done. For instance, I like to have everything nice and tidy before nap/rest time. Usually I will save the vacuuming for after and I will do dishes and clean the kitchen while they sleep, when I’m not napping. But for the most part we get the house pretty much together before everyone lays down. Having that “deadline” set makes it so much easier to get the to do list done.

4. Make your house smell good!

This could totally just be a me thing, but if the house smells good I am happier. And if I am happier I am more productive and get more done.

(Check out how to learn my top three ways to start your day happier.) 

5. Take care of yourself!

This kind of sounds like a no brainer, but often times we are so focused on taking care of everyone else we need to be reminded of this. So take a little time every day to take care of you, even if it’s a hot bath with a face mask and a glass of wine.

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Well there ya go momma, follow these tips and you will find yourself becoming a more productive stay at home mom.

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