This week I am sharing how Dunn-Edwards helped us give my mother in law back her living room, by adding a beautiful color to the walls. We needed to change the playroom to a more grown up place and Dunn-Edwards paints were right there to help!

First I have to say is how great the color consult was. The color consultant was absolutely wonderful and helped me pick out the perfect shade of green for that room. She was kind, quick and so very helpful.

Those were the four we narrowed it down to. I showed her a picture of the room how it was, along with the rug and couch that would be in there. Vanessa (my color consultant) knew exactly what would look good in there, an together we picked the perfect color.

 Dunn-Edwards has so many color and finish options, the possibilities are endless. The product itself was pretty amazing, too. It was smooth and covered the imperfections in the wall perfectly.

The best part of my experience, hands down, was Vanessa and the color consultation. She even brought my paint and supplies out to my car when she noticed I brought the kids with me to pick up my paint. You can click here to learn how you can have a color consultation and your local Dunn-Edwards store. You can even get a coupon for a free sample of paint in your desired color!

I know my picture quality is not the best here(and that lighting is horrible, bad time of the day!) But, man look how pretty that turned out! Such a big change!

The kids will be getting there own spaces soon (more on that in a couple weeks,) so we wanted to turn this space into a more grown up space.

See? Kids stuff everywhere.

This was a super fun project and I am so in love with how it turned out. My niece helped me out with it, so I can’t take full credit. You’ll see her (and a little of my babies) in the video below. We had a good time putting that together.

I used Dunn-Edwards Paints EVEREST (for interior) and here is what they say about it:
• “The Best Paint We’ve Ever Made”
• Ultra-premium, Zero VOC, 100% acrylic paint
• Exceptional hide, adhesion and sheen uniformity
• Self-priming
• Virtually no odor
• Great flow and leveling
• Available in gloss levels: Flat, Velvet, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss
It really had no smell and it went on so smoothly. Besides a few touch ups, we only needed one coat. The color is so vivid and changes the feel of that whole space. It is calm and inviting, makes ya want to kick up your feet and relax.
Don’t forget you can learn about Dunn-Edwards FREE color consultation service and download a FREE sample coupon valid for one 8 oz. Perfect Palette® Sampler™ at any Dunn-Edwards store. *Coupon is valid until August, 31 2017. Just click here.
Are you planning any painting projects? I’d love to hear about it, just leave a comment!

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