Hello to my amazing followers, friends and family! I am so excited to finally get Me, Myself and Mommy back up and running!

As a mom who deals with depression, I often shut the world out including my blog Me, Myself and Mommy. Here is why I recently took a break and how excited I am to jump back into the blogging world!

I, Samantha the sole writer and operator of Me, Myself and Mommy, have missed my little piece of the internet world. Life has been so incredibly hectic the last few months I just ended up keeping my computer closed. I haven’t blogged in almost three months!

To cut to the chase: we have moved!! And man oh man, moving is so damn stressful. The hubby and I had not moved in over six years! So, we didn’t exactly remember how stressful it is to move.

If you know us personally, or read any of my older post’s, then you know we have lived with Chris’s family for a long time. It was time to move out on our own and experience life in a different way.

Plus, we kind of had a opportunity fall into our laps that we just couldn’t turn away from.

Well, actually the opportunity was given to us by a good friend we have known for years. He needed someone (preferably a family) to move into his grandparents old house (they are passed) and help take of it and his aunt. His aunt is a spunky, fun loving, ex preschool teacher with a head full of beautiful dreads, who just happens to have MS. (An introductory post is in the works, so that you can get to know our new roommate.) She was also in need of a caretaker, so I am being paid to do that for her.

The house is amazing! It is huge (like over 2,000 square feet huge) and so much space for our family. The kids have their own rooms, we have a much bigger room, our bathroom is huge and the kitchen/great room is amazing. The house needs some updates and cleaning, but we absolutely love it!

Even though the stress of the move was a major factor in me taking a break from Me, Myself and Mommy, I will admit there were other factors. My husband is still sick and we are still trying to figure out why his body just doesn’t want to digest any food. (If he eats solid food, nine times out of ten, he is throwing up and in major pain. And the smells that come out are horrendous. It is like his body turns food into poison.) My brother is fighting colon cancer and I haven’t been handling that well. Money is tight and that is putting a toll on our marriage. (We are figuring that out though, working on communicating our feelings and worries.)

Because of that, my depression (and now anxiety) has gotten the best of me. When that happens, I tend to just shut the world out. Including Me, Myself and Mommy.

I am happy to say that I have gotten myself in a much better place, with the help of a bit stronger little pill and the support of my husband.

It’s time to get back on this computer and blog again. It truly is such an amazing creative outlet for me and helping other people helps me in so many ways. When I was going full force with it, I was the best me I have been in years.

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading this post! I cannot wait to start connecting with you again and build Me, Myself and Mommy with you! Stay tuned for a new post coming in a few days!

P.S. Before you go, leave a comment down below and let me know what you have been up to the past couple of months. I have missed connecting with you and want to know how you’ve been!

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