I have been home with my kids for five years and I have spent a couple of those years battling my depression. I have had to figure out different ways to keep the mess under control. So I am going share my tips to keep the mess (somewhat) under control when you’re a depressed mommy.

As a stay at home mom with depression, I have figured out little ways to keep the mess (somewhat) under control. Click to read my tips so that you can, too!

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Before I get into it all, I have to admit that I don’t always keep the mess under control. There are certainly days (sometimes a few in a row) where my depression completely takes over and I lay on the couch all day and binge watch Netflix.

That’s the thing about depression, it can take away your motivation and make you feel so lazy and worthless. But, I have found that if I keep the mess (somewhat) under control, it helps keep the depression at bay. It also helps keep me motivated.

I should also say that these tips are not tips to keep your house spotless, they are the things I do in order to keep the mess of every day life somewhat under control.

1. Keep a basket (or toy box) in the living room for kids toys.

Now that the kids each have their own room, their stuff now all has a place be put. That alone keeps the mess in the living room pretty under control. But, we still need a basket for miscellaneous toys and things they bring out from their rooms. Having the toy basket and their own little corner of the living room really helps keep the mess (somewhat) under control.

Also teaching the kids to actually use the basket when they are done playing with toys, helps a whole bunch. I know, I know. Way easier said than done, right?

We use just a simple basket like this one here. But, you could totally use one like this here, it could double as extra seating and hide the mess. Target has some pretty cool baskets and toy storage, check them out here.


2. Keep clean dishes out of the dishwasher!

What I mean by this is, once you have ran the dishwasher, put way the clean dishes. That way you can put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher right away, keeping the sink empty. Having the sink full of dishes just makes the whole house feel dirty. This one really kelps keep the mess (somewhat) under control. Even if putting away the clean dishes and keeping the sink empty is all you do for the day, the mess will feel under control.

3. Keep your counter tops clutter free and disinfecting wipes on them.

 I always have these on the counter to clean up spills and stuck on messes with ease. But, in order to use them the counter tops have to be clutter free. If your kitchen is open to the living space like mine is, then having the counter tops filled with stuff makes the mess feel overwhelming. It also makes the house look messy. Keeping the counters clutter free really helps keep the mess (somewhat) under control.

This tip also works for the kitchen table. If the table is cleaned off, the room looks a lot cleaner.

4. Keep a laundry basket in the bathroom!

First things first, I have to say that I am proud of myself for showing you real life pictures of my real life house. Or at least, little pieces of it!

When we looked at the house before moving in, one of the first things I got excited about was having room for a small laundry basket in the bathroom! In our old house, we shared a very small bathroom and I always wished there was a way to have a laundry basket. I don’t know about your kids, but mine were always leaving their clothes in the bathroom. And for whatever reason, they are always changing clothes or getting undressed in the bathroom. Having the basket in there really helps keep the mess (somewhat) under control.

I bought this one at the dollar store and I was so happy I found one the matches the bathroom. It works pretty good if you don’t plan on using it to carry any laundry in it. I only did it once, and the plastic around the handles broke. So now its stationary, plus its small enough to tuck somewhere if you are having guests. If you are looking for a more sturdy, or bigger option Target has some good priced ones. They also have some pretty ones if you want to match your décor! Check them out here.

My last tip to keep the mess (somewhat) under control for a stay at home mom dealing with depression is to take care of you momma! Start by checking out My Tips To Start Your Day Happy or Goals to Set for the Depressed Stay at Home Mom! Also, please read Dear Depressed Stay at Home Mom: You are Not Alone.  And then, start putting some time into yourself. Have a mini spa evening after the kids go to bed. Put on a face mask, binge watch Orange is the New Black and have glass of wine. That little bit of me time will make such a difference and help you get motivated.

Do you have any tips to help keep the mess (somewhat) under control? I’d love to hear them, so leave a comment and share girl!

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