This post is a guest post, meaning I didn’t write it, but I get to share it with all of you. My friend Amber recently started her own Facebook page Life With Four #BOYS to share parts of her, you guessed it, life with four boys. I have been completely entertained by her post’s about her boys over the years, so I was super excited to see her start a page.
I knew right away I wanted her to write a guest blog post, so that I can share her and her life with four boys with all of you. I’m not really sure why I haven’t thought of it before, to be completely honest. What she wrote is exactly what I would expect being a boy mom is like, and it is so fascinating to me. Grab a cup a of coffee and get ready to experience what its like to be boy mom, for just a brief second.

Life With Four Boys

A guest post: a real view of what life with four boys is like. It's not pretty, but oh so worth it.

What is life with four boys really like? Well, it’s dirty, hectic, stressful, gross and WONDERFUL. Being a boy mom is not for the faint of heart.

Prior to having children, I had a lot of the usual sentiments pertaining to “I will or definitely will NOT, let my kids do x, y and z”. But then you have kids and like most parents who have no idea what the hell they’re doing and would just about sell an organ on the black market for a decent night of sleep, all of those ideas and rules go out the window. Parenting is basically just constantly being in survival mode. Parenting four boys? Well, that’s like being on survival mode while needing an endless supply of adrenaline to keep yourself alive.

My house is forever a mess. Honestly, I don’t even know why I bother to pick anything up. My floor will be covered in toys and books and the sorts, and my kids will maneuver around it all while not touching a single item. The second I put everything away? Suddenly, ALL THE THINGS must be played with at the same time. For five minutes And then they move along.

“Picking up” consists of throwing away multiple empty fruit snack wrappers, 7 different half full water cups (because no one can remember which cup is theirs, even though they just used it 10 minutes ago), a recurring guessing game of “is this dried food or dried poop?” And following the never ending trail of dirty handprints along the walls.

To say the things I have heard come out of my own mouth was unexpected or I couldn’t have anticipated until becoming a mom of all boys, well, that’s an understatement. “Get your finger out of your brothers butt!” “Don’t eat that, it’s poop!” “Don’t play in the toilet water!” These are just some of the things that get said on any given day.

The events taking place inside my house usually consist of wrestling and mock UFC fights. Naked butts and peeing outside. Farts and poop, bumps and bruises, tears and laughter.

If my life could be summed up in 3 words, it would be boogers, band aids and BOYS. My kids play hard, fight hard and love harder. You always hear that the love a boy has for his mom is unmatched, but you cannot begin to grasp it until you have experienced it yourself. The love i have for my four boys is beyond what I could even think to put into words. The headache I get from them can only be cured with Costco sized alcohol, and the fun we have together is what makes our world go ’round.

As a mom of four boys, the one question I can always expect from strangers is “oh are you going to try for a girl?” -While I am sure girls are equally fun in their different, tutu filled ways; we are more than happy and content to continue on in our journey called “Life With Four BOYS”.

You can check Amber and her Life with Four BOYS Facebook page here.

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