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What a whirlwind of a week.

I started a blog.

I seen a therapist for the first time.

I also started a ten day little things challenge. And it was a challenge. I didn’t have any problem actually slowing down to notice and enjoy those little things and even snap some pictures too. But, I did have some problems posting and writing about them everyday. I got behind and had a hard time catching up.

And then I had a ah ha moment and had a brilliant idea. I would can the ten day challenge idea and do a weekly (on Sundays) roundup of all the little things I stopped and enjoyed. Also share what we’ve up to and all the pictures from the week. I think it would be much easier to keep up on this way. Plus it will give all of you who decide to stick around a chance to see whats been happening in our lives on a weekly basis! Fun right? I thought so!


Like I said this week has been a bit crazy, but all the little things made it a bit easier to deal with.

Speaking of little things.

This morning I actually got to get out of the house. Wait for it… Alone!!!

Seems like such a little thing to most I’m sure. But for me. It was huge. And so very nice. I went to the dollar store and restocked up on some essentials. And then grocery shopping. It was a nice morning to myself.

Last night the hubby and I actually watched a whole movie together, just us. The kids were in bed at a decent time and I didn’t fall asleep. It was a nice quiet Saturday night. Just what we needed.

The kids had a pretty good week too. They played dress up on Thursday and had a ball. Neither one of them have showed much interest in the past so it was a nice that they enjoyed it. Savanna, especially. She ended up wearing a fireman jacket with a pirate hat on and off all day. She would walk around making siren noises.

Friday they got to play with play dough. Which happens a lot around here. They will sit for ever and play! Friday evening we had a nice family evening at the park.

The weather has been hot and is getting hotter this week. Of course we had some pool time in the backyard. That little $20 pool from Wal Mart has been such a life saver this summer. They absolutely love it and it is a nice energy buster!

Enjoy the pictures from this week. I can’t wait to share what happens this week.

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the little things.


Those beautiful eyes and curly hair!
Savanna had to bring that naked baby with her to the park.
Enjoying him self with all the different colored playdough. He made me a pizza.
She wore that exact costume on and off all day!
Savanna has gotten so much braver in the water!
Such my handsome boy!
He never did make it to the top, but I was proud of him for trying. He said he is going to try again next time.

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  1. I always fall asleep when my husband and I are watching a movie and I hate it. Especially when he doesn’t realize I’m sleeping and finishes it without me. haha Oh well, it’s just part of being a momma! Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party!

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