October is the funnest month of the year for our family. Both kids celebrate their birthdays in October, there are a lot of fun (most of them free) things to do in our area, and its the month of Halloween!

Its safe to say my kids have gained their love of Halloween from me.

I love everything about it. The weather of the season, dressing up and of course candy. But my favorite thing is Halloween decor. I seriously have a hard time waiting for the first of the month to start decorating.

My favorite Halloween decor craft I have ever made is what we use as our centerpiece for our kitchen table. It was so simple, cheap and its adorable!

I have to admit, I started this project last year when the kids and I did crafts with their Madrina. So I don’t have instructional photo’s, sorry.

It sat on an end table empty with just the spider web and ribbon on the top. First thing I did after getting out the Halloween decor was take a trip to the dollar store. I bought the spider and flowers. I hot glued the spider on and added the flowers and we had a cute and fun centerpiece.


If you are looking for an easy way to dress up your table and something to this weekend, here’s the project for you.

You will need:

  • A mason jar (or a small vase, easily found at the Dollar Store)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • black spray paint
  • big spider
  • some Halloween ribbon
  • Black roses (or any Halloween style flowers)

So what I did was use the hot glue gun to “draw” the spider web. This took me a couple tries, if you get it wrong just peel it up before it cools completely and start over. After the glue is completely cool spray paint the jar right over the web.

Once the paint is dry just glue some ribbon (if you want, it would be adorable with or with out the ribbon) and glue the spider on. Just add the flowers and boom! A cute, easy and festive way to dress up any table in your home for Halloween!

Happy Halloween crafting!





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  1. Wow it sure looks so authentic…Halloween, brings out the youth inside each and everyone who loves it. Thanks for sharing at the pit stop!

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