Looking for fun Valentine’s Day kid’s craft fun for the whole family? Well, you have to try these Love Shack’s!

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Looking for a Valentine's Day kid's craft fun for the whole family? Click the link to see how me these adorable Love Shack's.

When CJ was two (three years ago already, wow) I came across these adorable love shack’s on Pinterest. It looked like such a fun Valentine’s Day kid’s craft, so we made them. He was so young, he really didn’t get to enjoy the creative process.

This year, with him being five and Savanna being three, I thought it was the perfect time to do it again!

When I say it is fun for the whole family, it is from experience. The first year me and my husband had more fun than CJ, but this year I think my 12 year old nephew had the most fun!

I used chocolate graham crackers and cut them into the shapes I needed to build a little house. I used a butter knife and kind of just carefully sawed back and forth. When I cut the pieces for the roof I cut them to short. I would suggest cutting those pieces after you have the base of the house put together.

I had a ton of pieces of left over chocolate graham crackers and I didn’t want to waste them. So I bagged them up and put them in the snack basket. The kids were excited, as its not something I buy for them typically. You should totally read How a Snack Basket Saves My Sanity.

I used Wilton Meringue Powder and followed the instructions on the info sheet that came with it. It really is the easiest and best royal icing to make in order to use as glue. Letting the icing dry a minute or two before adding what you want to stick, is my best tip.

 I bought a few different kind’s of Valentine’s Day candy and cake decorating supplies from good ole Wal-Mart to decorate the Love Shacks. I especially like the valentine candy corn and sweethearts.

My adorable babies had such a good time making this Valentine’s Day kids craft we call love shacks. And the shacks also turned out pretty cute!

I really enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with the kids. Any reason to bake yummy treats and do fun crafts with them! Especially when we are celebrating LOVE!

What kinds of Valentine’s Day kid’s craft do you enjoy doing with the kids? Let me know in the comments!

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