I am so excited to share this beautiful Etsy shop with all of you! I am working with Melissa from Heartfelt Token’s to bring you Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry for Mom this Mother’s day! And if ya stick around to the bottom of this post there might just be a giveaway down there.

Disclaimer: Melissa was kind enough to sponsor the giveaway, but I am in no way being compensated to share her item’s with you. I really like her work and all my opinion’s are my own. Also all the photo’s of the hand stamped jewelry belong to Melissa. She allowed me to use them for this post and promotional graphics for this post. You can visit Melissa in her Esty shop Heartfelt Tokens.

The kids and I bought my husband a keychain from Melissa for Christmas. I ordered it in mid November and received it rather quickly. In plenty of time for Christmas. The keychain was beautiful and my hubby loved it. It has even held up really well on his keys.I have to apologize, especially to Melissa, for the quality of this picture. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of it before my hubby took it apart and rigged it to his keys. He said he wanted to do everything he could to keep it on there. (insert eye roll)

There is a funny story that goes along with his keychain.

One morning during CJ’s winter break, we were all hanging around in the living room before we started our day. My not so awake little five year turns to his daddy and asks him what he want’s for Christmas.

Sound sweet and innocent enough. Nope.

Chris responds to him with the typical “I don’t know, buddy” answer. CJ turns to him and says “do you want a keychain? Cause you’re getting one.”

My mother in law was on her way out the door and heard it, too. All three of us have deemed that moment a favorite of the holiday’s 2016. Certainly not something any of us will ever forget.

And that is a memory only made possible because I went looking on Etsy and I found this keychain on Heartfelt Tokens!

As a mom, I love Mother’s Day! I mean what’s not to love? It’s a day where everyone is celebrating all mom’s! Plus, it’s just another reason to be spoiled. As mom’s, we always deserve that little extra spoiling.

I wanted to showcase some of Melissa’s personalized hand stamped jewelry geared towards mom’s as some inspiration for Mother’s day. Please don’t hesitate to check out her other options over at Heartfelt Tokens. She has a ton more wonderful designs!

If you are interested in any of the pieces shown go a head and click on the pretty pictures. It will take you right to the listing.

I wanted to show his neckless first simply because it is my favorite. This is something we say to our kids and I wouldn’t mind wearing this around my neck. Hint Hint, babe.

In all seriousness it really is adorable. And I know there are a lot of other mom’s out there that would love to be spoiled with this on Mother’s day.

 I love the simplicity of this neckless. So pretty! Any mom would love this with her baby’s names around her neck!

If you know a mom of boys, here is one for her! I love the textured edges. It adds such a pretty detail!

When CJ was a baby we would listen to this song over and over until he would fall asleep. This bracelet is absolutely beautiful! Another one I wouldn’t mind having. I would bet there are plenty of other mom’s out there who would love it as well.

This necklass with the family tree is beautiful and any mom or grandma would be so excited to receive this for Mother’s Day! She also has other pieces of jewelry with family trees hand stamped, they are equally as pretty.

Speaking of grandmas, I know a nana who would love this. I love how Melissa has added their birthstones to the pretty neckless.

Giveaway closed! Jessie is our winner!

Winner was picked using Random.org.

Melissa has kindly made this beautiful mom neckless we will be giving away to one lucky winner!

Don’t want to chance not winning this beauty in the giveaway and you just have to have it? Click that pretty picture!

Please don’t forget to go over and check out Heartfelt Tokens on Etsy. Melissa has so many beautiful pieces to choose from and everything is customizable. She has awesome pieces for dad’s, too. From keychains to guitar pics and even a personalized golf ball marker.

She also has rings, Christmas ornaments, and more. All personalized and hand stamped.

Looking for something she doesn’t have listed? Just shoot her a message on Etsy and tell her what you are looking for. She will do her best to make it. She really is awesome!

36 thoughts on “Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry for Mom this Mother’s Day”

  1. My favorite Mother’s Day memory so far was going to my daughter’s Kindergarten classs the Friday before Mothers Day for a special brunch and class poem recital. In addition to the special time together, her teacher had them serve us our food and drink and present us with a couple of super special presents. One was a picture of our child making a heart with their hands and standing so that the shadow of the heart and their feet were the picture. They also wrote answers to a series of questions about their mom, like what does your mom say the most, and what is your mom’s favorite store and it was so special to see how my daughter noticed so many things about me I didn’t realize she had noticed.

  2. I would love to win that necklace! Every year since the kids were born all I have asked for was a necklace that incorporated the word mom, and so far 5.5 years later I am yet to be successful 🙁

    1. Good luck, I’ve added you to list! Hopefully you can win yourself a nice pretty mom necklace. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve been trying to subscribe, but it doesn’t seem like it’s letting me. Could you check and see? If it hasn’t, feel free to add me yourself at the email address I shared 🙂

    I love this necklace. If I’m lucky enough to win it, I’ll be giving it to my mom this May! She loves stuff like this.

    1. Desteny are you trying to subscribe through the box in the post? Or the welcome mat up top? I have had a feeling the one embedded in the post isn’t working. I’ll try to see what’s wrong. Try the welcome mat or I’ll just add ya! You are on the list for the necklace. Good luck!

  4. Beautiful jewelry! I love them! Mothers Day is so exciting! I can’t wait for Mothers Day! Our beautiful little girl whom we’ve waited on for 5 years is here! I’m finally getting to hold this little girl, I had only got to dream about, in my arms! She’s honestly amazing. I love getting to share my heart and life with my precious family.

    1. Oh Shannon, your first Mother’s Day is going to be so special! It certainly was for me and my wait was not like yours. Blessings to you!

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