If you have ever battled your own fight with depression then I am sure there is one thing we can agree on: depression is a life sucker. It literally sucks the life out of me, which includes my motivation to be creative. Depression and creativity, it is so important to find that motivation.

Finding the motivation for anything when you're depressedm but depression and creativity is so important. How finding that motivation to be creative has improved my mental health.

On thing is true about me, I am a creative a person by nature. I love making pretty things and I a much happier person when I am doing just that. I feel less stressed and more relaxed come bedtime, if I spent at least a part of my day creating something beautiful.

Recently I starting making and selling wreaths again, I am here today to tell you how much of impact it has on my mental health. And its been a big one.

First I will give you a little background on my wreaths though. It all started a few weeks before Valentines Day 2016. I made us a Valentines Day wreath for our front door and a friends asked if I could make her one and she would but it. That was it. I started making custom ordered wreaths for a good six months. And then I got really depressed and it all just sort of stopped.

I then started Me, Myself and Mommy and I just never unpacked the put away wreath supplies. It wasn’t until after we moved recently and I was trying to sell some of the wreaths I had stored in the garage, I had a couple people ask for a custom order. So I decided if I was going to do this again, I was really going to do it right and not give up until I gave it my all.

I made CassidyCreations.com and a few wreaths and added them for sale on the site. I have some great responses and few custom ordered wreaths, but not a sale from the wreaths I have in stock.

Its okay though, because the best part of starting this journey has been the impact on my mental health. Since I started making the wreaths again the dark days aren’t so dark. Depression and creativity, the best way to combat it. This should be the first thing therapist tell their patents battling depression.

Now, I’m not saying that I am completely out of the dark, so to speak. But, I am saying that since I starting making my wreaths (and other crafty things) again, I feel a little better. And anyone out there that has had those incredibly dark days, knows that even a little better is a sign of hope. Hope of feeling all the way better.

So, get those glue guns or crochet hooks out and get creative, mommas! Start making pretty things and watch how your depression lessen. Depression and creativity, the best way to combat it.

If you are interested in checking out my wreaths head on over to CassidyCreations.com! If you are stay at home mom dealing with depression this post is for you!

What is your favorite way to get creative? I’d love to connect with you in the comments!

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