Why do you need a Pinterest Assistant?

Chances are you found this page because you are blog or business owner and you know how vital Pinterest is to drive traffic to your site.  And chances are you also a very busy person and you need some help to free up some of your time. That’s where a Pinterest assistant comes in. I can take the workload of running your Pinterest account out of the equation so that you can get on with your life and to more important things.

Why you should hire me to be your Pinterest Assistant:

For one, I have a passion for Pinterest and have been using it for years. Only recently as part of my business and blog, but I know how it works and how to make it work for me. For two, I am a newbie in this industry so my rates are pretty low. If you are looking for a Pinterest Consultant, than you need to look elsewhere. I am simply here to help you run the day to day of your Pinterest account so that you don’t have to spend hours on it everyday. My own Pinterest account is on a upward climb, gaining at least 15 new followers a day with many repins. You can check it out here.



Services Available:

Pinning at least 25 pins a day, up to 100.

I would do this using the Tailwind app. Tailwind has been the best investment for my blog and running my Pinterest account. If you aren’t signed up yet click here to get started with a free trial. You get the first 100 pins free and then you have to pay for the app. Its worth it, trust me.

Setting up and running your Tailwind account.

If you are serious about having a successful Pinterest account that drives traffic to your website or blog, than Tailwind is a must. I can set up your account and use it to schedule all your pins. This saves me time, which essentially saves you money. My rates are hourly, so if I can set up your Pinterest account to run itself, then I wont need but two hours or so a couple days a week.

Checking for and uploading new content from website

I will check your website or blog for new content and upload it to Pinterest. If you have a schedule for when you post to your website or blog than those are the days I would work on your account. That way I am getting your awesome content out there as soon as possible after posting.

Looking for and applying to group boards

Group boards are the best thing for bloggers and biz owners on Pinterest. There are so many out there in all niches and they can bring a lot of traffic to your site or blog. I will spend some time looking for group boards that a good match for your content and in your niche and apply to be added. I will also manage your group boards by following all the rules and pinning to and from them.

Creating or running your own group board (or boards)

There were, and still are, a bunch of group boards that I was accepted into and they were great to me. So, I decided to try and run one myself. It turned out that I can do a pretty good job running one and it has been pretty successful. You can check it out here. The board has over 9,000 pins, 1,200 followers and 6,000 repins. Every time I look at the stats on Tailwind, they are always growing. I’ve only been seriously running it for a few months and it doesn’t take up much time. It’s a great way to check out and connect with other bloggers in you niche and get your own content in front of a lot of different people. If this is something you have already done or are interested in, I can help get you started and even manage it for you.



My rates are simple and straight forward. I charge $15 an hour. Now, how many hours I work for you depends on the services you want me to do and how many pins a day you want pinned. The only rule I have is  a minimum of 2 hours a week is a requirement. So I can work two hours a week scheduling pins and you would be paying me $30 a week. Seems like a win/win to me. Also, I need to add that my pricing doesn’t include the price of your Tailwind app service, that is something you will have to pay for separately. (If your looking for a Pinterest assistant than you probably already have paid for it.) Also, in order to pay me you will need a Pay Pal account. Payments will need to be made prior to any work being done. You can pay a week at a time or for two weeks.

Ready to hire me?

Just fill out the form below and I will be in contact. After you tell me what you want me do I will tell you how many hours a week I will need. I cant wait to work with you and help build your Pinterest account so that you can spend your time doing other important things!


I look forward to working together!

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