Here’s the deal, when you are a stay at home mom it becomes very easy to get stuck in a rut. Add in a little depression and you have a recipe for some pretty unhappy days.

Another truth: the way we start our day can (and will) influence the way the rest of the day goes. So if I start my day on a happy note, my day should be filled with me being happy.

When you are in a rut or dealing with depression it takes more effort than just waking up happy. So I am sharing my top three tips to starting the day happy, or at least happier.

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Plus I have included a really pretty printable (that looks very pretty framed, pictures coming soon) so that you can be reminded of these tips. And then put them into action!

I did not make this info up, people! I have and continue to do these things. When I start my day using these tips my day goes much smoother, I am more productive, playful and happy. This in turn means my kids are getting the version of their mommy that they deserve.

(Please note I am no professional, just a mom who has had to figure out ways to start my day happy so that I can be the mommy my kids deserve.)

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